Wednesday, July 29, 2015

22 Facts About Me

Literally wearing THE SOFTEST SHIRT KNOWN TO MAN in today's post. I really love Hollister's new graphic tees. It was so hard to pick just one! However, I HAD to stick with this cute 22 tee. 


Haha but seriously, it is. And has been ever since the fifth grade or something like that. Anyways the number has always stuck with me. Like, I loved Hollister in the first place because they have such a cute style/selection of clothes, but because they were founded in 1922. So my favorite number is easily found on a lot of their products. Which I LOVE. You know my coral red 22 hat that I wear in lots of posts? Yeah, Hollister. 

Anyways for today's post I wanted to share 22 facts about me. 

1 // My name is Kenzie. (McKenzie without the Mc!)

2 // I am a VERY natural blonde. But yes, I still dye my hair lighter and brighter anyway.

3 // Chocolate milk is my life. If I was lactose intolerant I would literally die. Because I hate water. (Water DOES have a taste by the way...a nasty one.)

4 // If it was legal to have a koala, deer, or fox as a pet, I would have all three.

5 // I am a self-taught musician.

6 // Boho-Chic is my favorite style.

7 // I want to be a singer or actress. Probably both!

8 // I am addicted to Pinterest. (be sure to go follow me w/ the link)

9 // I get mistaken for "Elsa" all the time.

10 // I love to perform and be on stage.

11 // My favorite author is John Green.

12 // My favorite color changes on the daily. Today it is coral.

13 // I love taking pictures. If I could take my own pics for my blog I would ;)

14 // Indie-Alternative is my favorite genre of music.

15 // Earth Day is my favorite holiday. (April 22nd)

16 // I am half Canadian. 

17 // I'm going to be an aunt for the first time in September.

18 // I fell in love on a trip to Disneyland. (16 months now)

19 // I live in a fantasy state of mind. So technically I'm a 5 year old stuck in an 18 year old body. Because life seems funner, happier, and a lot more special that way.

20 // My body temperature is always cold, so I live for the sun. 

21 // I was born 5 weeks early. I wore my doll's clothes.

22 // I am a mormon. I love the gospel. I know that it makes people happier. It gives hope to those who feel lost. It helps people. I have seen so many miracles in my life. Just being a healthy premature baby was a miracle in and of itself. I love it with all my heart. And I am never letting go of it.

So there you go, twenty-two facts about me! Because I love the number so much. Haha I hope you don't get sick of it ;) 

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Hollister 22 Graphic Tee // Hollister Jean Leggings // Maroon Hat, similar see here // Bohme Sandals

Thursday, July 23, 2015

forever floral // two ways

I am the most indecisive person I have ever met. When I go shopping, I can never decide on what to get. My decision usually ends up being between a top that I could only wear with a specific pair of pants every single time or between another top that I could pair with almost anything. I found out that it's a lot easier of a decision to go with the one that you could make multiple outfits out of it. And that is exactly what this shirt was. This has turned out to be one of my favorite purchases of all time. 

I only stuck with two outfits for this post but I wouldn't be surprised if you saw this shirt multiple times in later posts. In my first outfit I wore my heathered dress that was in an earlier post in the spring, on my other blog, and pulled this blossoming blouse over top. I love using my dresses for multiple outfits. You can use them as they are, a dress, or pull a t-shirt over top and make it into a skirt, throw on a scarf, a cardigan, a belt, and create a whole new look. I love it! 

I wanted to keep my accessories simple. So I only have a delicate bird necklace on and some ballet flats, but I could've easily paired the outfit with some others to "amp" it up. My other outfit I just switched the dress out for a pair of blush pink jeans. Color jeans make any outfit a little more dressier than just wearing regular denim.  

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for reading and following what I do!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Forever 21 Floral Top // see here // Charming Charlie Necklace // American Eagle Blush Pants // similar see here // Ballet Flats // similar see here

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tribal Tuesday

To me, you can never go wrong with tribal. Tribal is easily one of my all-time favorite patterns. Whenever I go to the store and see something tribal, I can't help but to go take a look. When I started seeing tribal patterns becoming more and more popular at the stores, I knew I finally found a style that I truly loved. Teepees and moccasins, feathers and fur rugs, bows and arrows, everything in the genre of tribal I just fall in love with! From decorating my room/future home to what is in my wardrobe, I always have to take a peek at this particular pattern. 

I got my dress at Bohme Boutique a while back. I absolutely loved the bold colors incorporated in the dress. This is such a comfortable dress, and really easy to find things to pair it with. I love to throw in some gold accents, (like I did with my bullet necklace and sandals), to really bring in some more tribal vibe. 

I also threw on two different hats. My favorite 22 hat from Hollister and another mint tribal hat to add to my collection of tribal patterns. 

I get a lot of compliments and questions on my bullet necklace, asking me where I got it and what the necklace means and everything, and the story is:
That my necklace was actually a gift from a "secret sister" at my ward's Girls Camp last year. Where we each had to give a gift that represented ourselves/ gave a clue to our "secret sister" to help her figure out who her secret sister was. And my secret sister loved to go hunting with her family. So she made me this necklace as a gift/her clue to me. The end. :)

Anyways I hope all of you have a fantastic Tuesday! Thanks for viewing my blog and reading about my love for tribal fashion! ;) 

Stay tuned for more posts coming up on my instagram account! 

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Bohme Tribal Dress // Bohme Sandals // Custom Bullet Necklace // Hollister 22 Hat // Zumiez Tribal Mint Hat

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Finally the WEEKEND

I had TOO many photos that I just loved from my last shoot that I had to split them into two posts for you guys. And now that it's officially the weekend, I feel a lot better now that my shirt actually makes sense. Haha anyways I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

Make sure to follow my instagram to make sure what I'm up to this coming week! I've got lots and lots of fun things in store!

xoxo // kenzie kaye