Saturday, November 26, 2016


stay kind.

with thanksgiving over, black friday/cyber monday still in full effect, and christmas right around the corner, i feel like it's a nice reminder to stay kind in this busy season. i know how easy it is for me to be thankful at thanksgiving and then caught up in all of the sales and big shopping blowouts getting ready for christmas!
in this blog post i have a few of my favorite brands i'm sharing with you guys.


Stay Wear Clothing is a shop i found through instagram and i have fallen in love with their brand. they donate 10% of all of their profits to different causes/charities that deal with anti-bullying and suicide prevention. i am all about finding brands that give back! My Stay Kind tee, wristbands, and lanyard are all from Stay Wear. this tee shirt is one of my go-to's. it is honestly so comfortable and even though it's just a tee shirt it is still cute enough to wear just about anywhere! i love wearing it while reminding myself to stay kind or to reach out to others and give somebody else a helping hand. and who knows, just by wearing the shirt may inspire others to stay kind as well.

as many of you know i am very passionate about suicide prevention because i've lost so many close friends to suicide. i love how this company gives back. their hashtag #ichoosetostay is so important. Stay Wear has so many other cute products. for guys and girls too!
check them out at!

ps.. you can receive 15% off any of your orders from STAY WEAR with my coupon code STAYGOLD.

who doesn't love a good coupon?? especially during this time of year!
so take advantage of that and go check them out :)


my blue jacket is from @forever21. probably hands down my favorite store of all time. i feel like i am constantly shopping there. it's horrible but do i care?? not one bit. they have so many cute styles coming in ALL the time. this jacket came in a variety of colors. i'm not really one for jackets like this but when i saw this color i could not resist! it is now one of my favorite statement pieces in my closet.


okay how cute are these runners?? #runningshoes
i must admit, this is my first pair that i absolutely adore.
before this year i probably didn't own a pair of running shoes since my sophomore year of high school. i always thought running shoes were ugly and i had the hardest time finding a pair that i loved. however payless shoes came in clutch this year and i found these stinking cute shoes from a brand called kangaROOS. they're maroon, light blue, and periwinkle. and i love them.
great find.


and i can't forget my go-to jeans. @hollisterco is one of the only places i shop for jeans. these are their jean leggings, and i honestly can't go back to a normal pair of jeans! these are so comfortable, i feel like i can do anything in them! i could go climb a mountain if i wanted to! i usually wait for the $25 jean promotion that they have going on so i can get multiple! i honestly have doubles of all of my pairs. they are wonderful.

anyways thanks for reading!
if you have any comments, questions, or responses about this post let me know!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fall 4 Fall

just when i think life couldn't get any busier, it always does! 
it's insane but i love it and it makes time fly by so fast. 
so here i am playing "catch up" with what's new in the life of kenzie kaye! 

college is going great! fantastic actually. the past couple of weeks have been super crazy however. 
i recently competed in a pageant, you may have seen some pics from my instagram, and so getting that all figured out and preparing for that took a lot of my time. especially the last few weeks. hopefully within the next little bit, i'll have a blog post about my experience! i loved it. it was a great experience and i can't wait to share all about it!! other than the pageant, i finally finished my third round of tests this semester. yay for only have one more round to go!!! 

this semester has FLOWN by. i can't believe it's already the end of november. 

is life going by super fast for you too??? or is it just me. idk anymore.

anyways, update: i love my job. i love school. i love college. i'm grateful that i have the opportunity to gain an education. to learn, to grow. i love living on my own. but also not too far from home so i can't go see my mom when i really need her help ;) i love my family. i am so grateful for them. i am so grateful for my talents. and only recently have i truly been grateful for them. i love being passionate about things that excite me and make me see the world in a better way. i love being positive. and finding positive things through this crazy world we live in. i love the gospel and i am so so grateful for it. i have no clue where i would be without it. it brings me the most joy and happiness. and i love my YSA ward down here. i love my roommates and for my personal heater that i carry around with me all over the house. (because boy is it chilly). i love being an aunt and watching over my niece whenever i decide to go back home for a day. she is the cutest thing. 
moving out makes you appreciate a lot of things in your life. and it's definitely not an easy thing to do. but you get to see how blessed you really are.  

thanksgiving is coming up this week and i am so grateful for so many things. the list could honestly go on and on. this past week i have really spent a lot of time reflecting on the last couple of months and what i am truly grateful for. and to be honest, i had a really rough couple of months when i first moved down here. i got in a rut and wasn't happy with myself or with my life. i had a lot of negative thoughts towards myself and that was a serious struggle to get through. i thought that i was bad at so many things and that i should give up on my talents and the things that use to make me happy because i didn't believe in myself anymore. and i didn't believe other people who told me otherwise either. i wasn't grateful for too many things. i wanted to be, but i couldn't see outside the darkness. and that was really hard! i'm grateful for that trial though, because of it i am much more grateful for so many things in my life. there are so many things to be happy about! i have more than i could ever ask for and even though life gets rocky sometimes, it's fun to enjoy the ride.

i was able to get out of that rut by focusing on positive thoughts about myself, focusing on things that i knew i was good at, and working on the ones that i didn't believe i was good at anymore. i worked really hard on building up my self-confidence. looking in the mirror and instead of telling myself everything i hated about what i saw in that reflection, all of the things that i liked instead. haha there was a lot of praying involved as well. a lot of pleading with my heavenly father to pick me up and help me see what he saw in me. i surrounded myself with people that i love, people who picked me up, and made me feel good about myself. i opened my heart to the gospel and earnestly searched for an answer to my prayers. through this experience i realized that if we have a grateful heart to our heavenly father, he will bless us with even more blessings to be grateful for. a constant cycle of NEVER-ENDING BLESSINGS. HOW GREAT IS THAT!? 

once i started focusing on others and paying attention to the things i was thankful for instead of comparing myself or looking at the things i lack, i was able to find good things in everything. heavenly father wants to bless us. he wants to give all of his love to us and he wants us to succeed. he is in everything. and i am so grateful for him. i am so grateful for the gospel in my life. i am really looking forward to thanksgiving this year. i can't wait to spend the day with my family and help make dinner in the kitchen, to surround myself with people that i love and care for with all of my heart. 

oh and before i go, another thing i'm thankful for.... THE FASHION TRENDS OF 2016. like yes, let's bring back the 90's. i am obsessed. completely obsessed with all things velvet and suede. my velvet baseball cap from forever 21??? yeah, my fav. my navy suede boots from h&m ??? also my fav. oh and we can't forget my camel striped turtle neck from forever 21. that is my new favorite shirt of all time. it is so comfy, cute, and the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. 

i hope you all have a fabulous thanksgiving! 
spend time with those you love, share the goodness in your hearts, and be grateful for all that you have. you will be blessed. i love you all. thank you for reading.

xoxo // kenzie kaye

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