Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nikes & Leggings

I have a different kind of post for you guys this week. ACTIVE WEAR. 

Can I just say that black leggings have changed my life. They are always my back-up, my go-to piece of activewear. Last semester in school I had a dance class every other day and it was too hard to constantly go changing my outfit into something I could move in, and so on those days I would pick out my good ol' leggings. I have so many different pairs but the pair I'm wearing in this post however, is my favorite. They're from Victoria's Secret. And after finding how comfortable and fitting their leggings are, I can't go back!

Funny story about my shoes... I haven't had a pair of tennis shoes for probably three years. My family and I were on our way to Disneyland earlier this year and when we went last year, let's just say my feet were pretty messed up after spending a few days there. So this year my parents insisted that I get some tennis shoes so I wasn't totally miserable. And ta-da! I actually found a pair that I liked! (which is a complete miracle) I wore these shoes every day I was there and had no problem whatsoever with aching feet :) And they are so cute!

I figured my "messy hair don't care" tee would match pretty well with my gray shoes on this fabulous hiking trip day. This tee is so fun. It has a heathered gray effect and that's one of my favorite prints. Plus I think the saying speaks for itself when you're out and about getting some exercise.

Thanks for catching up with my posts that may or may not be at least a month old ;)

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Messy Hair Don't Care Tee // Black Leggings // Nike Shoes 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

pink tropics

HOORAY for summer!! 

Funny me for thinking I'd actually have more time in the summer! I feel like I blink and the week has already gone by. How does time fly by so fast?? Ah and I feel like life is only going to go by so much faster. Life is officially real and it's kickin' hard. 

This was such a fun post to do though. If anyone knows me they know that I absolutely love ANYTHING & EVERYTHING tropical. And how pink is one of my all-time favorite colors. So when I was walking around the outlets in Park City one day with my family, going birthday shopping, I passed this little shop that I never heard of before and saw this beautiful dress in the window. Haha I instantly stopped walking and dragged my mom in there with me. I needed to at least try it on. Because come on, HEART EYES. I love this fun print. This dress was the perfect fit for summer. It's a fit & flare and is to die for. I grabbed one of my denim button-ups in my closet and tied it around my waist to cover my bare shoulders and also create a nice contrast while still keeping that fit & flared look. 

Also featured in this post is my new ARVO watch. (which matches PERFECTLY with my dress) I absolutely love this watch! It is so classy and chic. The blush pink and gold accents really do make my heart swoon. So pretty!!! 

Lots of things are up & coming this summer. And my busy life hasn't seemed to stop! Just slowed down enough for me to breathe a little. I hope that I can get a post up on the blog more than once a month for you guys but unfortunately that's still a work in process. But HOPEFULLY SOMEDAY. 

anyways thanks for reading! 
Have A Rad Summer My Lovelies.

xoxo // kenzie kaye

arvo watch // tropical dress // similar style see here // black floppy hat // black booties // similar see here // denim button-up // similar see here