Monday, October 31, 2016

if you got it, haunt it.

it's the most wonderful time of the year.
even though i'm a scaredy cat, i am a sucker for halloween and the entire month of october.
i LOVE scary movies, haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin carving/painting, and getting costumes ready for the 31st. 

this halloween is different than all of the past 19 halloween's that i've been a part of. 
it's my first year away from home, first year without my mom's help sewing costumes, and first year without my group of friends since 4th grade to party with!

not only is halloween going to be a little bit different for me but this post is also different for me! 
i teamed up with @kelsiemmphoto and @schiessstyles to do an instagram collab this october. 
most of my blog posts are shot right in front of my own front yard. definitely not in a graveyard! this was a new experience for all of us but we had a lot of fun! 

Bailey (aka @schiessstyles) did my makeup. She used a ton of baby powder and dry shampoo to make my hair look so fabulous. We tried to use a super white foundation to get a ghostlike effect but i was already so white we ended up just using more baby powder lol! I wish my hair had that much volume every day!

Kelsie (aka @kelsiemmphoto) is an amazing photographer. I'm sitting here in awe at her beautiful work. I love the lighting, she knows exactly how to capture a great photo! 

We were dying with how cold it was for this shoot or maybe it was just me! Either way it added in to the whole effect of this crazy shoot.