Friday, July 21, 2017

Take Me With You.... to California

me and my best friend took a well-needed vacation to sweet little Brea, California.
this was my very first vacation on my own without my parents.. they thought it was quite daunting for me to take on quite a task... but look at me! 
i survived!

school ended the first week of may... two days later, we were in the car cruisin' away.
it was such a fun trip, ended way too fast, and we didn't want to come back home!
i love california and everything there. some day... it may just be my home. 

you guys i have a problem. 
i don't know really think it's too big of a problem...
but i can't stop buying @albionfit swim suits.

this high-waisted clementine swimsuit had been on my wishlist ever since i first saw a picture of this new line.
i was OBSESSED. (ok... i still am obsessed)
i love how i can mix and match my swimsuits easily with their other lines and other styles they have at the store! 
this swimsuit is honestly one of my go-to suits and i absolutely LOVE wearing it.

i love the criss-cross back of the switchback top! and i love how these suits COVER your body! 
i always feel comfortable wearing their suits and they have some of the cutest styles i have ever seen!!! 

this isn't an ad or anything. i wasn't paid to say any of this. i bought this swimsuit with my own money. but i haven't found another place that has suits that are TO DIE FOR and last as long as these do. the quality is absolutely amazing and i just... i just love.

also, aren't these retro glasses just the cutest!? has the funnest styles! the color of these glasses match this swimsuit PERFECTLY. has so many fun styles and they're inexpensive! 
what could be greater than that???

i wish you could just take me back to cali.
it was actually quite cold on the beach this day lol. i was honestly shaking throughout this entire shoot.... but you know the sunset was worth it! 

this trip was way worth it!
and i'm currently working on a video of our trip.
so cross your fingers it'll be ready before i leave!! 
because it makes me want to go back so bad...

anyways, i live for the sun. the sand. and the sea.

xoxo // kenzie kaye

albion fit swim top // albion fit swim bottoms // retro glasses

Thursday, July 20, 2017

cents of style

i remember it was an early spring day but i still needed to wear my winter coat outside. i remember we were in the car with the heater on and then at the last minute we would jump out of the car, i would throw my coat off, and we would run to the cents of style wall and quickly take pics until i started to freeze again. 

all i can say is... hooray for car heaters and golden light. 

for this shoot i was able to collab with two of my fav influencers on instagram.

my hair and makeup was done by my fabulous friend @beautybyanalisa. i always find it really fun to see what different styles and looks that other HMUA create! normally i don't wear a bold lip or pull my hair up in a bun but it pulled off this shoot so well!!!

my photographer was my good friend @jasonlutz_.
 we have collaborated in the past and i always love the results from his shoots! this one was probably one of my absolute favorites though. i love how we were able to shoot during golden hour where the sun was starting to soften and the colors were bright and pretty.

i was able to cross off one of my "bucket list" photoshoots with the cents of style wall.
i know a lot of models, instagram influencers, and photographers who have shot at that wall and it's iconic in central utah. normally it would be a bit of a drive but while i was living down in provo, it wasn't too far from my apartment and we were able to make it happen! 

i also had this top on my "photoshoot outfit bucket list" and it couldn't have been a better match.
i am obsessed.... OBSESSED with anything embroidery and everything that has flared sleeves.

high waisted jeans, flared sleeves, 80s dad glasses, and flowered embroidery...
i don't think it gets better than that.

honestly the new styles that are coming in are RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. 
i look around and i'm just like, "yes. just yes."
bring back the vintage. bring back the retro. bring back the 70's-90's fashion
let's go.

anyways i'm still trying to catch up! i've only got a month left to post about my shoots before i head off to Jacksonville, Florida for 18 months!
i'm trying to work out how my blog is going to work while i'm gone but i'm going to see if my sister can take over and post about all my weekly missionary pics and adventures.

thanks for reading!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

influencers for this shoot

photographer // @jasonlutz_
HMUA // @beautybyanalisa
glasses //

romwe embroidered top // similar see here // hollister high waisted jeans // forever 21 heels // similar see here // lauren conrad choker // similar see here // dad glasses 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Budapest-Inspired Bride

I got to be a bride for a day!! 
This was my first bridal shoot that I have been a part of and it was so much fun.
I teamed up with a group of Instagram creators to make this "budapest-inspired shoot" as magical as can be. 

I didn't think I would actually feel anything while trying on the different styles of wedding dresses, but as I did, I felt like I was almost in a Say Yes To The Dress episode.
These beautiful gowns are from @alp_bridal  and the lace details are STUNNING.

The beautiful bouquet is from @peaches_and_peonies
I love the warm pink tones and the mustard yellow. 
It was a change from my last bouquet I had in my latest post, that one was HUGE and heavy with flowers and twigs everywhere. This one was very short and sweet. Perfect for the vibe of this shoot.

My milkmaid braids and make up were done by @lesleylind
(AKA the cutest girl ever)

Her and I had the funnest time getting ready for this shoot. I remember I came rushing from class in order to make it in time. I don't have the world's thickest hair either, so the milkmaid braids were kind of a last minute, we don't have time, kind of thing. But I think they worked out pretty well.

I definitely felt like Princess Leia.
And that's awesome.
It's not everyday you get to feel like her either.
So yeah, you could say it was a great day.

We had a photographer and videographer on set with us. @chantillyimagery and @morganmarieweaver. And that was really fun. 
I want to become a photographer/videographer myself and so I loved being around them! I love surrounding myself with other people who love to do the same things I do. I think that is so great. I loved being a part of this collab with so many talented people! 
And also for the chance to be a bride for a day.
It was fun! 
Hope you enjoyed reading! 

collab team 
bridal dresses // @alp_bridal
bouquet // peaches_and_peonies
hair & makeup artist // @lesleylind
photographer // @chantillyimagery
videographer // @morganmarieweaver

xoxo // kenzie redford