Wednesday, April 26, 2017

pink blossoms

it's almost may.
i. am. ashamed.

i have so many shoots to get up
( hahahahhahahha why am i so bad at this?????? )
it's okay though i know this summer will be a whole lot better than i've said i would be with posting.
i feel like i was doing a really good job back in december but holy cow i didn't even know how busy this next semester of school and work were going to make me!!

i'm so excited for summer. 
don't get me wrong i love spring... but i also wouldn't mind just SKIPPING the next week so the weather could be warmer, school could be over, and i can start getting the things that I WANT TO GET DONE, DONE.

school is fun and all but when all you can do is go to school and work all the time,  it sort of takes overrrrrrr
which is... my biggest pet peeve.

i like being in control of my life and the things i spend my time doing.

speaking of "time" 
featured in this post is a few @arvo watches!!! 
i'm not a huge watch girl, but arvo MAKES me a watch girl.

also, one of these pics were featured on @nordstromrack's instagram so obviously this shoot was pretty worth it ;)

i just love the sleeves on this dress. the lace is so pretty and is PERFECT for spring. 
when i first bought this dress way back in october, it was a little too chilly outside and made it hard to really enjoy it. 

so ya, another reason why i can't wait for summer ;)

my good friend @tycoy is the funnest photographer.

i am so glad he decided to shoot up where the blossoms were still in full bloom.
i love the way he can capture an image and keep the softness in it.
i thought his style was absolutely perfect for this shoot.

this definitely won't be the last of ty's shoots. 
lets just say, don't be surprised if you keep seeing his name pop up in my photos.
when you find a great photographer, who becomes a good friend of yours, you can't let them go.
we'll have plenty of adventures and things to share with you guys! 

one week left of school and then i'll be shooting/modeling, making art, singing along to music, going on all sorts of adventures and living an oh so good life.

i'm staying in utah county for the summer so photographers/creatives who want to go make some magic, let's make something happen! 
i am ready to jump right in and get those creative juices flowing for the summer.

thanks for reading and keeping up with my crazy life!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

nordstrom rack lace dress // similar see here // arvo watch // forever 21 choker 

Monday, March 27, 2017

mood in blue

this year i have finally realized that time does not slow down for anyone.

i think i've always known how fast time flies, you guys probably hear me say it in EVERY post now that i think about it... lol oops!

for this post i had the opportunity to do a stylized shoot with @paigecasazza when she was down in UT earlier this year! 
paige and my sister used to be high school pals and so it was really fun to be able to meet her and get to know her, work with her, and have a blast doing this shoot!

i think it's fun to get to know, follow, and support other photographers and see their different styles shine through! designed this lovely blue dress for us. 
the lace was so intricate and dainty and i love the soft powder blue.

when we shot back in february i think we imagined having a little more snow but i can't complain because the weather turned out beautifully for this shoot!

i am hoping to get some more collaborations in the works and get out and model more!

the past couple of weeks have gone by so quick but i've also been able to take a few more steps into the modeling pond and that just makes me more excited to keep doing what i do and practicing more and more with every shoot.

this past week i was able to go home and catch up on my recordings of ANTM of this past season and man that show.... has always been and will always be my favorite.

especially getting into modeling recently and developing this love i didn't know i really had, learning all there is about the form and the work it takes to be a model, it really makes me appreciate what those girls go through and makes me yearn for the chance when i will hopefully get to experience some day.

i know i still have a long way to go.
i know i'm still learning.
i just have to be patient with the process.
i'm excited to learn more.
i'm excited to make mistakes so i know what to work on so that i can improve.

making my blog has gotten me out of my shell in front of the camera and that is the first step to modeling. i am no longer camera shy and oh boy did i use to be!! 

however i must admit..
i still have my up and down days. 
the days where i don't really believe in myself or what i'm doing 
and i'm going to be honest, 
there are days where satan tries to get me to believe that i can't do it or that i'm not like the other girls out there who are making it in the big leagues in blogging or modeling or even acting. 
and there are days where i don't want to be in front of the camera. there are days that i don't know what to post... and so i don't. there are days that i don't feel like i'm cut out to be a blogger. with work and school being my constant 24/7 it's hard to keep up with posting three times a day, every day, never missing a day, and always making a post every week.

but guess what? 
it's okay! 
it's okay to have the bad days so that we can appreciate the good days even more.
i know that it's all a part of the process and that i shouldn't compare myself to anybody else because we are all on this journey called LIFE and we are all going at the paces that are right for us.
i know that life is still GOOD and that my blog is a fun hobby that i enjoy doing and that i don't need to make it a stressful thing!

i know you readers probably feel similarly in various aspects of your life. 
this past week i heard a phrase that i often hear a lot of individuals say.
 i feel like many individuals refer to social media as "seeing all of the best moments of people's lives" and for bloggers, that's kind of what we are known for/criticized for.
and i know that always seeing people's "perfect posts" sometimes can be really discouraging. 
Haha it even gets ME down sometimes. 
i don't always have the prettiest pictures to post. my room isn't always nice and tidy. my kitchen isn't the perfect shade of white nor does my french toast have the best toppings for a photo. 
however it's just a picture! it's just .5 seconds out of their millions of seconds a day where anything and everything else can happen that we DON'T know about.


us bloggers, we are just the same as you. we all struggles and insecurities. 
and we all get a little moody! 
there are times where we don't feel like we've got the world in the palm of our hands despite what it may look like on social media. 
and most cases, we don't have it all put together. 
and none of us are any different than anybody else with any other hobbies or jobs!  

we don't need to compare ourselves to anybody else based on what we look like on social media. social media is a snapshot of a moment in someone's life. not their entire life. 
so let's stop being hard on ourselves. you are doing better than you think! let's stop comparing. and allow yourself to get a little moody too! but also, stay true to you and do whatever you want to do!  
because life is meant to be lived and loved by YOU.

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

the end of feb.

am i the only one who is happy for feb to be over because that means it starts getting warmer??? 
even though this coat is super cute, i'm pretty excited to stop wearing it every single day ;)

it's now the second week of march and i feel absolutely SHEEPISH for barely getting a post up! 
i have all of these shoots i took over the winter break, and i am just barely remembering that i still have to post about them!

february went by so fast. 
i am grateful february has come and gone. that was a challenging month, a busy month.
i am already halfway done with the semester in school!
i spent most of the month trying to find a car, dealing with car accident problems, insurance companies, and car rental places.
(i had so many people calling me a day about my car i have never felt so popular in my life lol)
 i spent a lot of time working, going to school, and doing lots of homework and tests.

i tried being a responsible adult and spent a lot of time doing all of my homework before i left on my disney vacation with my family.

february was stressful and not very fun, it was really cold and it snowed a ton.

- getting my hair done! 
(i went a tad darker than usual and went 'chop-chop' to the ends & got some new layers)
-which i don't really have any pics from a shoot with my new hair yet but i'll talk about it a whole lot more when i do-
- booked my first "real" modeling gig/shoot with urban
(you may see me on a book cover without any makeup on and some dirt smudged all over my face but that's still pretty sick nevertheless)
-got a "new" car! 
(well... i've never met it before so it's new to me. it's white. and i still have yet to name it...) 

and that's about it!

this shoot was done by @sierrakatephotography 
luckily i was able to shoot with her for a second when i stayed at my parents' house for the weekend. 
she's the sweetest girl and i'm so grateful she came out in the freezing cold to shoot with me!

hopefully in march i'll remember that i actually have a blog and won't get so far behind ;)
i've got some awesome shoots to show you!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Friday, February 3, 2017

Little Black Turtle Neck

Holy COW-ZA.
this post is finally up. 

lol I think these pics are from.... the week of Christmas Break... and it's already February so I can't even. I literally cannot.

but it's okay we can party now because today is the day that I finally have time to get some posts ready!

do you guys ever have days where you just feel inspired to get everything done??

mhmm yeah that's me today!

i have been doing a lot of shoots lately and getting some really awesome posts finished for you guys!
as some of you have seen, i've started playing with photography and that's a new hobby of mine.
i have a post lined up of my photography pics that i did the other day for my blog. 
check out my instagram for that when it's ready!
i have been meeting so many incredible photographers! they are so so inspiring to me. 
i love collaborating with new photographers and getting to know and share both of our art on social media, shouting out to them, and working with them. 
if you are wanting to collaborate ANYTIME about literally ANYTHING...

i want to get to know you!!

my email is
(you can find it on instagram)
my instagram is kenz_kaye 

go follow me if you're not already. 
i post every single day.
and i try my best to answer back to you guys as fast as i can!

haha i remember this shoot was SOOOO cold.
my outfit is pretty much a mixture of everything!
i've got my fur vest that's at least three years old, 
my black turtle neck from +Forever 21 which is honestly one of my go-to tops in my closet, (it's exactly like my blue sweater i wore for my blue december shoot) so comfy. i love it,
my FAV FAV FAV FAV FAV pair of high waisted black skinny jeans from +Hollister Co.,
my maroon winter coat from +Hollister Co.,
and some TOTES boots i got for christmas.
because HA i was DESPERATELY in need of some winter boots this year.
thank you Santa.

my cute flower crown is actually stolen from my sister's closet. 
(not the boutique, my actual sister's closet)
and it's from brushfirefloral  on instagram! 
which is absolutely adorable i love this shop.

thanks for reading this week!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

 black turtle neck // similar see here // hollister black high waisted jeans // totes winter boots // white fur vest // similar see here