Tuesday, August 29, 2017

rose gold and stripes

this post was a few days before i went on my very first airplane!!!
i was super nervous and thought i would be so lost!
but luckily i had my friends who have flown a tonnnnnnn before me so they helped me out!

along with all of your first time tips on my instagram post!

that helped so much!

we left my house around 4:30 in the morning in order to get to the airport in time. 
luckily there was hardly any line and everyone got through pretty fast.
however I WAS DUMB and forgot where i placed my wallet in my backpack. and so we got up to the front of the line at security and i noticed i had no idea where my wallet was. i was pulling things out of my bag, searching all of the pockets, and ended up calling my mom right there in a panic!

i didn't know what i was going to do without my ID!! 
turns out, my wallet ended up being INSIDE the INSIDE of one of my pockets. 
somewhere where i never check.
so that was a great way to start my morning.
i was fully awake after THAT alarm.

we got on the plane and started to take off and i couldn't stop smiling! i thought taking off was SO cool! 
my first flight was barely shy of two hours. so it wasn't a bad flight at all!
but then my second flight was seven hours long and that wasn't my favorite.
we didn't have ANY TVS. (sorry i really like movies..)
 it was long. it was boring. it was uncomfortable.
BUT after that i felt like i was a pro at this whole flying thing.

and i had to be, because on the flight HOME from vacation, i was completely alone. 
and it was a red-eye flight. 

i can't sleep on an airplane. 
kudos to all of those people in the world who can. i am jealous of you.
and my flight home didn't have any tv either.
i was shook.

hahaha but everything was great!
flying was amazing all-in-all. 
and i love airplanes.

i love looking out the window.
i love the little pretzel packs they bring around.
i love the whole package for traveling.

i took my CALPAK carry-on.

my rose gold luggage.

which was the perfect little luggage to bring.

it matches my rose gold sandals.

that i got at my favorite place.


i have been on the hunt for shoes like these and when i found them, i didn't care that i was going to be leaving in a month. 
i practically wore them everyday!

i love quirky fashion.
fashion that you would find on the runway.
i love the high fashion street fashion.

and these shoes scream it.

i also realized that i have to say goodbye to my dog tomorrow and i....don't know how i'm going to handle that.

i love berlin.

she's like my twin.
but oh the reunion we are going to have when i come back home 
will. be. legendary.

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Monday, August 28, 2017

our trip to calgary

wow our trip to calgary, alberta, canada was SO. MUCH. FUN.

i am so thankful for my friends and my family for the opportunity i had to come up here.
i finally got to cross off my first trip to BANFF ALBERTA!
which has been on my bucket list for years now!

so many of you know i'm used to going up to canada every year but this was the first time going past my usual destination. 
usually a 10-12 hour car ride was now a 14-15 hour car ride.
but we survived!

me and three of my best friends from provo, ut decided to pack our bags for a week and head up to calgary. 
we did so many things when we were there!

we hiked grassi lakes, walked around downtown banff, took pictures at lake louise

rode down the luge! (totally felt like i was in mario kart)
went up the calgary tower!
saw the grandstand show at the stampede!

my entire life i heard about the stampede on the news up in canada, never did i ever think i would actually have the chance to go!
we didn't ride many rides but the grandstand show was SO FUN! 
it was like Americas Got Talent was RIGHT THERE in front of me!

it was such a fun and cute show and i loved every minute of it.

i was also able to go inside the edmonton temple which is the cutest little temple. 
and on sunday we were able to walk around the calgary temple. 
which reminded me of something that could have been on frozen!
it literally looked like elsa could've built that temple.
the windows had the prettiest snowflakes on them and tinted a beautiful blue.

we didn't end up seeing a bear but we did see some tim hortons, real maple syrup, and some really cute bunnies!

we spent a week up here and we tuckered ourselves out every day!
we tried to get as much as we could get done when we were up there. 
i have never seen a lake as beautiful as lake louise.
the water was such an aqua-minty blue.

the views could not be beat. 
while driving to banff they said "these are definitely not utah mountains" and they were right!
the mountains are big. they are full of greenery. and they are beyond beautiful. 

taking a trip with my friends was definitely a highlight of my summer. i wish i could show you ALL that we did up here in calgary but i was only able to grab a snippet of it. 

watch our fun travel diary from our trip below!
(there are four separate parts and won't work on youtube unless you are outside of the us, mexico, or canada... and won't work directly on here because the file size is too big... SO we went with the third option which is TWITTER. so luckily i have my video uploaded on there and that it WORKS.)

so take a look! comment below and let me know what you think!


soda shops are all the craze down here in utah
they are such a fun place to hang with your friends and grab a yummy drink!

we've got swig, fiiz, sodalicious, and sips n sweet treats.
-just to name a few-

i remember back in high school, i would go out with my friends and hang at these shops. 
we'd grab a drink to make it through play practice, we'd go grab some hot chocolate on the way home from sledding, and eat a delicious cookie to tie us over before the football game.

sips n sweet treats has the CUTEST interior.
and it's a PINK building!!
let's just say i'm obsessed.
the retro vibe, the checker board floors, the pink telephone on the wall, the gold accents all around...
i could stay there all day.

but what i'm more obsessed with is their CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE.

let me just tell you a little bit about these cookies...

it was my first time tasting heaven.

i think it's so good because the inside of the cookie is practically edible cookie dough. 
it is so thick, so soft.

i'm saying it again, it's heaven.

sips is located in layton utah.

if you're looking for a cute place to hang, a place to grab a cookie & a drink, to chill with friends...

sips is the place to be! 

also shoutout to my good friend mckay findlay for coming along for this shoot.
i've been dying to shoot in my milk tee shirt and this was the perfect idea. 

thanks for reading!
don't forget to go 
 treat yo self!

xoxo // kenzie kaye