Sunday, January 8, 2017

moosin' in the woods

over the break i was able to shoot with one of my favorite photographers in utah.

and to be honest i could post every single one of these pictures and never get tired of them.
this kid is #TALENTED.
so funny, so sweet, and honestly looks like he could be my little brother because of his hair color! 

i really am just honored to even have the chance to shoot with him and i know this won't be the last photoshoot you see from him. 
i would love to work with him again.

you know, i love living in a place like utah where there are so many talented and creative artists. i feel like i am surrounded by so many people no matter where i go in this state who are great bloggers, photographers, artists, singers, influencers, business makers, and shop owners.

i mean some of my favorite bloggers have all started out in UTAH. 
and now they are making it big time in the blogging world and world of fashion. 
i love it.

okay i'm going to let you guys in on a little secret..
i've probably worn this sweater five times already and i refuse to take it off.
it's the comfiest thing.

thank you +Forever 21 for coming in clutch lately.

hahaha but for real guys, i am loving their sweater selection lately.
this sweater is the warmest fabric and i love the bell sleeves on it. 
it feels like i'm wearing a snuggie. which come on, when is that NOT a good thing.
i love the little turtleneck as well. 
i could not be happier about the styles that are coming back from the 90s now. 
i've heard that history repeats itself... and usually that can be seen as a bad thing... but with these turtlenecks.... there's just no way. 
it's too good to be true. keep them coming.

i loved my break here in utah. we had some snow pound us into the ground but i feel like we're still doing alright.
it's weird that it's raining in december but hey, it's melting the some of the crazy snowbanks away. 

in my last post you heard all about my crazy parallel parking in the snow experience..
it's a week later
here's the newest update: 

the day after parallel parking i left to go to work only to find myself STUCK in the SNOW. 
so i dug my tires out of the snow using the only thing i had... a snow scraper. 
(thank goodness for cell phones and dads to call upon when you are stuck in a slippery situation.)

after working on my car for about a half hour, there was still no luck.
luckily we had an angel emerge from a nearby apartment and he helped push my car out. 
-with the help of another angel who had to rush in-
so i had two dudes, random strangers, but super nice guys push me out of the snow! 
and i am so so thankful.

a few days later my prayers were answered and i got an email saying I GOT AN OFFICIAL PARKING SPOT. 
so now i no longer have to parallel park in the snow. 
what a blessing.
it was actually the best christmas present ever.

i know i talk about the new year a lot but i have this new drive in me that i didn't have last year. 
i am so excited to get the ball rolling on so many ideas and projects i have for this year.
i want to improve in so many aspects of my life and what better way to start them than a brand new year.

// some of my new years resolutions include // 

thinking happy thoughts about yourself/replace bad thoughts with a good one

exercise at least 3-6 times a week

drink at least one tall glass of water every day
-invest in a water bottle-
(many of you don't know the importance of this but for somebody who hates drinking water/thinks its gross...this is a huge one)

read a new book cover to cover

make the most of every day

don't let fear stop you from trying new things, or ANYTHING, for that matter

try a new food/learn to cook

visit every temple in utah

hike somewhere new 

take lots of pics

go to bed earlier/get at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night
(and for a college student that's.. something i definitely need to work on)

read the entire book of mormon before the summer ends

the list could go on and on. 
but those are just a few that i really want to focus on.
i want to be productive this year and i don't want life to slip away from me. 
so i feel like having some definite goals will help me accomplish that.

thank you so much for following/reading along. 
i love you all and i am so excited to share this new year with you!!! 

xoxo // kenzie kaye

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Monday, January 2, 2017

turning blue // turning two

oh how especially odd it is to look back at this post and see the tree still with berries and leaves because literally two days later they're covered in a buttload of snow.

so tonight after work i was driving home in a snowstorm and let me tell ya, THAT was quite the experience. 
have you ever tried parallel parking in the snow??? ya, well i am saving you now, and don't. 
whatever you do just don't.

i have come to find out that it's the literal worst.
you all will be my witnesses, if i don't die by the time the snow clears, it'll be a miracle.

how bout we try to make a hashtag trend:

ok lol jk that was funny... but i'm actually serious.

when i moved down here to provo a couple of months ago.....
 they told me, "oh yeah everyone will get a parking spot it just might not be at their building"
i said.. "okay that's fine, that's not bad"
i move in... "hi what's the 411 with the parking passes?"
they say.. "oh yeah well all of the spots are filled up so you're going to be 12th on the waitlist."

yes.. 12th.

but hey there is still slight hope!
i asked about parking passes for the new semester because there are a ton of people moving out and changing contracts and they told meeeeee...

"im 1st. on the list."

yes... you heard me... 1st.

i'm just letting you all know that if i have to go this entire semester... knowing that I AM ONE SPOT AWAY FROM GETTING A PARKING PASS. AND I DON'T GET ONE...?

I may die.

so this is why i am creating the hashtag.
this is why i might actually die.
and this is why you will all be my witnesses.

okay i apologize my rant is over :)

in 2017 i have a goal to *stick to a blogging routine*
i am going to try my very very best to get on a posting schedule. 
so that you will have a new post every single week.

ooh and guess what!?!? 


happy happy birthdayyyy

-lol wish i had some fun birthday post but this is all i got-

(( maybe i should make another goal to actually prepare my posts in advance ;) haha )) 

i've decided that in 2017, i really want to put more effort into my blog and really build it up to what i want it to be.
i feel like i didn't really have the motivation or desire to work on my blog for a very long time.
whenever i thought about blogging i was like, "yeah well that's kind of my sister's thing, i'm still learning.... i'm not very good at it... i don't post very often."

but now realizing that it's my blog's second birthday, i'm going to start owning the fact that i have a blog. 
i am going to make my dreams and goals happen in 2017 and i am going to make some dang good memories!
i love blogging! i love photography. i love modeling. i love acting. i love singing. i love music. i love art. i love drawing. i love watercoloring. i love videography. i love instagram and social media. and i love being creative. i love collaborating. i love learning. i love meeting other, creative people just like me!!
i want to get out there, meet other bloggers, meet photographers, videographers, fashionistas, designers, artists.. 

and then i want to share it. write about it. and post all of it.

i want to share about my life. my journey. my fashion. my experiences. my adventures. 

thank you all for coming on this journey with me and reading all about me and my crazy, sometimes stupid, but wonderful ideas! 

i could not be more ready to start a new chapter and turn over a new leaf here in 2017. 
here's to improving! goal setting! and most importantly... not dying!! ;)

xoxo // kenzie kaye

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

wrapped in red // christmas special


December // 25 // 2016

The holidays this year with my friends and family have been extra special. 
First time coming home for the holidays, catching up, and enjoying every little second I can before heading back to college.

When you aren't able to see your loved ones all too often, it definitely makes this time of year a treat!

Now I had to make sure I caught up with my friend Mckay Findlay when I was in town. He is such a great photographer and friend! I love collaborating with him any chance I get. Everyone go follow him on Insta. (mckayfindlay)  See some of my pics on his website. (
Watch his vlogs on youtube. (kelvin mckay findlay) Just go give him a look! :D

Back in November, Mckay noticed a red holly wreath at our fav store H&M, and sent me a picture describing a vision for a shoot he had. 
And it wasn't until now that we were finally able to make that happen.

 I am SO happy that I was able to help him create it and make his vision come to life. 
Nothing makes me happier than getting together with a group of talented minds to create something beautiful.

I am ALWAYS looking for opportunities to shoot and collab together, whether that is for shoots, meet & greets, or anything of the sort. If you would like to, or know of anyone who is on the lookout for a chance for new creative minds to get together, feel free to..
send me an email.
dm me on social media. 
:) :) :)

I have been dying to get a blog post with my white lace dress I got at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago. 
With Mckay's red blanket, my deer necklace, and the white lace dress we were able to pull off a perfect holiday shoot just in time for Christmas.

Every store I went in the past couple of months I swear  I've been obsessed with all of the Christmas decor! 
I couldn't stop shopping lol. 
i literally shopped til i dropped. (well, til my bank account dropped that is)

Haha but really, I think we all know the true meaning of Christmas isn't about all of the shopping.

I had the opportunity to go to the Temple Lights this year and I was able to visit most of the buildings at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. I stopped and talked to the sister missionaries and we spoke about the new movement "Light the World" on Have you guys seen it?? If you haven't, I suggest clicking on this link right now and taking a look.

I loved having reminders every single day through December of ways to remember Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. And "Light the World" helped remind me that I don't have to do all of these crazy, expensive, or time consuming things in order to spread some of the light of Christ to everyone this season.

Christmas time is my favorite time because of CHRIST. 
I have noticed, especially since I've been growing up and getting older, that Christmas is so much more special when it is focused around Christ and service. 
Christ is everything. 
And I love how during this time of the year, we sing hymns praising His name, we read about the night of His birth, laying in a manger, and we reenact the nativity scene all over the world. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas! And continue to have a happy new year!

I am so grateful for my family, my friends, and the gospel in my life this Christmas. Every year it gets better and my love and gratitude for those three things grow tenfold.

Merry Merry Christmas!
Thanks for reading!

xoxo // kenzie kaye  

nordstrom rack white lace dress 

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