Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Making it Through December Laughing All the Way

December was a crazy month or me. I had multiple finals, tests, projects, and auditions to worry about. I was rushing around every day from one thing to the next. I never really got to enjoy the month of December until the week of Christmas. Haha I can't believe this month is almost over already! I can't believe this YEAR is almost over already! 

I called my post "Making it Through December Laughing All the Way" because 
1. my cute Jingle Bells emoji shirt from Hollister 
2. December was so crazy all I COULD do was laugh all the way.

I spent most of my days just finding the small things that made everything I was doing worth it.
Laughing with my friends about how stressed we were about finals, just trying to have fun during the not-so-fun weeks of the end of the semester. 

My favorite part of this entire month was spending time with my family for Christmas. Everything was peaceful and bright. And the rest of the year can end with a big sigh of relief. I have a special post coming up in a few days to celebrate something very fun! So be on the lookout for that! :) 

Now that I think of it, most of this post is all from Hollister. My plaid shirt, graphic tee, and jeans. The booties are from Forever Young Shoes and my hat has been in many of my posts before. 

xoxo // kenzie kaye

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Sunday Before Christmas

It's the Sunday before Christmas and all through the house...

I absolutely love the Sunday before Christmas. Today my sacrament meeting was filled with the sweet gift and spirit of music. There is nothing more sweet than singing Christmas hymns. I love going to the lights at Temple Square and being able to hear many different groups of individuals singing them. This year was very bittersweet for me because it was my first year not performing Christmas music with a choir group there in five years. However I performed in the Christmas program today with my family and ward choir and I could feel the same peace and happiness I used to feel when I would go out with my school. 

Not only is the music on the Sunday before Christmas beautiful, but so are the lessons. We are reminded what the true meaning of Christmas is. Our thoughts are turned to the Savior and less on Santa and all of the presents. The gift of giving. The giving of service, sharing our talents, spending time with family, and remembering Christ and His birth. 

In this post I'm wearing a NEW dress from Bohme Boutique. Isn't it adorable?? I always have a hard time finding modest dresses and just about DIED when I found this gem was modest. I wore a black tank top underneath and my black booties. I LOVE the dark maroon color of the dress and the black and gold accents in the neckline. I think it adds the perfect amount of holiday spirit. 

Also I'm SO very sorry I've been a little MIA lately!! The end of semester with school was just a MAD HOUSE. But now finals are over. Auditions are done. And now I can try to focus on getting my life together before the spring semester starts next month! So hopefully I won't miss another three-four weeks anytime soon! :) 

Thank you all for bearing with me and reading my blog. You guys are AWESOME!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Bohme Dress // Black Booties