Friday, February 3, 2017

Little Black Turtle Neck

Holy COW-ZA.
this post is finally up. 

lol I think these pics are from.... the week of Christmas Break... and it's already February so I can't even. I literally cannot.

but it's okay we can party now because today is the day that I finally have time to get some posts ready!

do you guys ever have days where you just feel inspired to get everything done??

mhmm yeah that's me today!

i have been doing a lot of shoots lately and getting some really awesome posts finished for you guys!
as some of you have seen, i've started playing with photography and that's a new hobby of mine.
i have a post lined up of my photography pics that i did the other day for my blog. 
check out my instagram for that when it's ready!
i have been meeting so many incredible photographers! they are so so inspiring to me. 
i love collaborating with new photographers and getting to know and share both of our art on social media, shouting out to them, and working with them. 
if you are wanting to collaborate ANYTIME about literally ANYTHING...

i want to get to know you!!

my email is
(you can find it on instagram)
my instagram is kenz_kaye 

go follow me if you're not already. 
i post every single day.
and i try my best to answer back to you guys as fast as i can!

haha i remember this shoot was SOOOO cold.
my outfit is pretty much a mixture of everything!
i've got my fur vest that's at least three years old, 
my black turtle neck from +Forever 21 which is honestly one of my go-to tops in my closet, (it's exactly like my blue sweater i wore for my blue december shoot) so comfy. i love it,
my FAV FAV FAV FAV FAV pair of high waisted black skinny jeans from +Hollister Co.,
my maroon winter coat from +Hollister Co.,
and some TOTES boots i got for christmas.
because HA i was DESPERATELY in need of some winter boots this year.
thank you Santa.

my cute flower crown is actually stolen from my sister's closet. 
(not the boutique, my actual sister's closet)
and it's from brushfirefloral  on instagram! 
which is absolutely adorable i love this shop.

thanks for reading this week!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

 black turtle neck // similar see here // hollister black high waisted jeans // totes winter boots // white fur vest // similar see here