Saturday, May 21, 2016

Red, White, & Black Stripes

Sorry it's been a while! From having finals, to finishing The Little Mermaid, and coming back from vacation with my family I had no idea weeks has gone by. Life definitely flies by when you're having fun let me tell you that! 

In this post, you get to see what a typical outfit day is like in the life of Kenzie Kaye. As much as I love dressing up and wearing the dresses and the skirts and the floppy hats, booties, and nicer shirts... Most of the time you will see me in a regular tee, with some jeans and my converse. Maybe wearing a hat to hide my ever-greasy hair. 

I love being comfortable and able to move in my daily outfits. I love to be active and go on plenty of spontaneous adventures and come on, who would want to be in a dress doing all of that really? 

My all-time favorite jeans like you see in this post are from Hollister. Hollister has been my go-to place to get jeans for probably the past 5 years. I love them. These are the jean legging style and I honestly don't think I could ever go back to regular jeans anymore. These are so comfortable and I feel like I could go and do anything in them without being uncomfortable by the end of the day. 

Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea where I got this striped shirt. But the hat is also from Hollister. I love the coral-red color! And it actually surprisingly goes with a lot of outfits! Finding something that can be versatile and mixed and matched with all sorts of different outfits make it a great buy! 

Anyways thanks for reading and sticking around with my blog even when life still gets busy!

xoxo // kenzie kaye 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Outside the Circle

For this post I have an outfit that is quite outside of my normal style. I typically don't wear super hot pink clothing or especially a flowy shirt. My style is usually very laid back, without clean cuts or fine lines. I always tease my sister because she typically has a more sophisticated style than I do. This week I was feeling pretty outside of my comfort zone in this outfit. I think it's fun to switch up styles and try something you normally wouldn't think to wear though! 

This week I am wearing a printed top from H&M (which has the cutest bow in the back) and a pink pencil skirt from My Sister's Closet Boutique. To spruce up the outfit a bit, I added a statement necklace (that I borrowed from my actual sister's closet) and my favorite black floppy hat. 

This week I also went outside of my comfort zone not only in my outfit but during a date as well! I went to the shooting range and fired my first rifle. Haha at first I was really nervous because I have never been close to a gun before, never heard one go off in real life, and never touched one. But I decided to try it out and actually surprised myself and had a ton of fun! 

Going outside of your comfort zone isn't bad. It may be scary at first, but stretching yourself and trying something new might introduce yourself to a whole new world of hobbies or styles you may have never even imagined of liking. Surprise yourself. Try new things. Get out there and explore. You might find out you like it.

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Pencil Skirt // C/O My Sister's Closet Boutique // H&M printed top // similar see here