Wednesday, April 26, 2017

pink blossoms

it's almost may.
i. am. ashamed.

i have so many shoots to get up
( hahahahhahahha why am i so bad at this?????? )
it's okay though i know this summer will be a whole lot better than i've said i would be with posting.
i feel like i was doing a really good job back in december but holy cow i didn't even know how busy this next semester of school and work were going to make me!!

i'm so excited for summer. 
don't get me wrong i love spring... but i also wouldn't mind just SKIPPING the next week so the weather could be warmer, school could be over, and i can start getting the things that I WANT TO GET DONE, DONE.

school is fun and all but when all you can do is go to school and work all the time,  it sort of takes overrrrrrr
which is... my biggest pet peeve.

i like being in control of my life and the things i spend my time doing.

speaking of "time" 
featured in this post is a few @arvo watches!!! 
i'm not a huge watch girl, but arvo MAKES me a watch girl.

also, one of these pics were featured on @nordstromrack's instagram so obviously this shoot was pretty worth it ;)

i just love the sleeves on this dress. the lace is so pretty and is PERFECT for spring. 
when i first bought this dress way back in october, it was a little too chilly outside and made it hard to really enjoy it. 

so ya, another reason why i can't wait for summer ;)

my good friend @tycoy is the funnest photographer.

i am so glad he decided to shoot up where the blossoms were still in full bloom.
i love the way he can capture an image and keep the softness in it.
i thought his style was absolutely perfect for this shoot.

this definitely won't be the last of ty's shoots. 
lets just say, don't be surprised if you keep seeing his name pop up in my photos.
when you find a great photographer, who becomes a good friend of yours, you can't let them go.
we'll have plenty of adventures and things to share with you guys! 

one week left of school and then i'll be shooting/modeling, making art, singing along to music, going on all sorts of adventures and living an oh so good life.

i'm staying in utah county for the summer so photographers/creatives who want to go make some magic, let's make something happen! 
i am ready to jump right in and get those creative juices flowing for the summer.

thanks for reading and keeping up with my crazy life!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

nordstrom rack lace dress // similar see here // arvo watch // forever 21 choker