Monday, August 15, 2016

the other side of GRUNGE..

gotta love new adventures!

I had another chance to work with my buddy @findlayphoto and have some fun with another post. Both of us are moving away for college and things are about to get crazy! So we had to get one last shoot done in the city. Funny story about this post is we were supposed to go to a different location but it was under construction and so we had to improvise and come up with something new and I am so happy with how these turned out.

These were taken at the Kilby Court in Salt Lake which is a hot spot for teenagers and small bands to come play and perform at. I loved taking pics on the iconic Kilby Court couch which has the sign right above it.

This post is more of an artistic look and has a grungy vibe which is a little new to me! But I am excited to break out of my shell and try more than one look for my blog. These are just so fun! I say, "why limit yourself?" I believe that we can do whatever we put our minds to. And nothing hurts in trying something new. There are so many opportunities and options out there in the universe that you don't have to limit yourself or define yourself as one thing. I am not "just a blogger." I am so. much. more.

This week's post I'm wearing a wool vest over my cropped star tee. Paired with my high waisted magenta shorts and my black booties. I added my bullet necklace to tie it all together.

Speaking of new adventures, I mentioned earlier that I'm moving away to COLLEGE! Which is incredibly exciting! yet terrifying.... However, in order to keep my scared feelings at ease, I've been making a lot of DIY projects for decorating. And I'm telling you, these decorations are to DIE for. Once I move in and get all settled, I will be making a special DIY post on my blog to show you how I created my look! So keep an eye out for that because I am SO EXCITED!!!

I'm saying goodbye to bad thoughts, scared feelings, and limiting myself from new opportunities/chances.
Now I'm saying HELLO to all of these new adventures heading my way.

Thanks for checking out my blog! You guys rock!!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

fur vest // similar see here // star tee // similar see here or here // high waist shorts // similar see here // black booties // similar see here

Sunday, August 7, 2016

not all who wander are lost but i'm getting pretty close..

Well! This is not my typical pose in the backyard with shorts and a tee shirt post haha! This last week I had the opportunity to go out to a grassy field in the middle of a canyon and take some artistic pics with a friend of mine. 

I've been wanting to show this outfit on the blog for a while now. My sweater is a high-low crop top knitted sweater and it comes with a hood! How cool is that?? I hardly ever wear this shirt but after this shoot I definitely think I'll wear it more often. I threw a crochet vest over top to really give it a bohemian vibe. My pants are a whole other story! They're the longest pants I've ever owned and I still trip on them in my heels... But they go perfectly with this sweater because I literally have to hike my pants up to my waist in order to walk in them. 

I also have a ton of little accessories that I threw on and off throughout the day. I love having so many different accessories that are so easy to mix and match/pair with whatever. It's so fun to create a whole new look with just a few simple changes. 

~Check out my friend's profile on Instagram @findlayphoto if you like what you see~

Life is getting even CRAZIER. Sorry I fell off the face of the earth for a bit there. I feel so lame for saying I'll get better at getting posts up but it seriously just depends on how much free time I have during the month. Which is not a lot these days! I'm getting ready for fall semester, moving out, working, saving up, and lots and lots of new and EXCITING adventures coming up that I can't wait to share with you!!! 

thanks for staying faithful readers!

xoxo // kenzie kaye

beach pants // similar see here // high-low sweater // similar see here or here // crochet vest // similar see here  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

from summer to fall

when i am looking for new articles of clothing to add to my closet i typically go for something that is easy to adapt for all seasons. 

i love to throw tee shirts and sweaters over my dresses so that i can wear them in the cooler temperatures. 

from summer to fall is my favorite time of the year outfit-wise. 

when the air is hot until the sun goes down and then it gets a little chilly, that's why it's perfect to bring a sweater in your bag to change your outfit up just a tad for a fun night outdoors.

in this week's post i have my heathered gray dress and an old Victoria's Secret PINK tie-dye sweater which i had around my waist so that it was easy to throw on later. 

i added two of my favorite gold necklaces to create a layered necklace effect and a small maroon bag to add another pop of color. 

i also have two different pairs of shoes. one that is more for the summertime and another for fall. for summer i have my floral heels from H&M and for fall my Grey Booties I got from Forever Young Shoes. 
switching up your shoes can be the perfect subtle change in your outfit to keep it fresh and new.

anyways thanks for reading this week! 

ALSO go check out my Instagram Account @kenz_kayes_colours to see/buy some of my watercolor prints! (there may be a post in the near future with more info/pics of samples)

xoxo // kenzie kaye

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Blue & Blush Pink

First of all, I just had to add in these last couple "blooper" photos with Berlin because LOOK HOW CUTE. Haha literally "that moment when your dog is more photogenic than you.." kind of meme. She is such a princess. This week I've been able to "babysit" her and she has just turned into the sweetest dog. Since my niece Navi won't let me hold her, it's nice to know that Berlin will at least let me. ;)

I love this tee from Aeropostale. It is SO comfortable and although it looks like it only has blue and white stripes, there's actually a few blush pink stripes in there. And guys... I have a confession to make, my favorite color has officially switched from maroon to blush pink. Everything I find in this color is to DIE FOR. However I have no idea where I got these tropical shorts from... They honestly could've been from Aeropostale as well but they're at least a year old so OOPS. My kicks are from Target and they're the perfect summer shoe. They slip right on and are on my feet to stay. Perfect for running around and constantly taking my shoes on and off throughout the day. 

I can't believe it's already JULY! Where has the time gone??? And I'm afraid I'm going to blink and it'll already be August.. I've got vacations lined up, preparing for school, and a couple new adventures ready to go in August that I couldn't possibly be more excited about! 

Have a happy fourth of July everyone!! 

xoxo // kenzie kaye

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